When you want to add email functionality to your PHP application, then the best option is to add PHP Mailer. It provides the best powerful functionality support for creating HTML emails along with attachments. It supports for sending multiple recipients via SMTP. Such PHP Mailers  act as a classic email sending library function that is used for PHP and it supports several ways for sending your email. In addition to that, it renders additional features like SMTP authentication, secured encryption that supports perfectly for TLS and SSL protocols. To send the emails with the support of PHP Mailer and SMTP there is a need for you to install the PHP Mailer and configure the SMTP settings at first.

It acts as a code library that is used for sending the emails safely and easily with the support of the PHP codes from the web server. Normally sending your emails directly through PHP code required a high level of familiarity with SMTP standard protocols for dealing out with the related issues and it is used for overcoming the other vulnerability problems.

How to install it?

The best way that you can follow to install the PHP Mailer is to make use of the composer and before installing that there is a need for you to make sure to install the composer. For this process, you have to open the command prompt and go to the directory of the project, which you want to use for PHP Mailer. Then run the command and wait for the installation process to complete and it will automatically start download the necessary classes that are found in your project folders. For this process to continue there is a need for you to import the classes in the global namespace and load the composer autoloader and create a PHP Mailer class object.

How to create the test file for your PHP Mail?

For this, you need to create a file for the PHP mail script and place that in the public_html directory so that it can be easily accessed directly from the domain name. To access it the cPanel, go to the File manager, in that go to the file manager. Create the new file by clicking add new.

Assume that the name of the sample file is mailer.php and then click on create. Double click on the sample file and this process is used for editing using PHP mail (). After completing this process there is a need for you to do the changes and finally click on the save and close button after editing.

Now from that you can start sending the email and start accessing it from the browser and keep in mind that you change your domain name if required. Your target email would receive the message that you have sent.

PHP Mail components

To understand about working process of the PHP Mailer there is a need for you to investigate and know to use the different components. While using make use of the imports for importing the class to the global namespace and all the similar variables will contain the vital information that holds the details about the message headers, attachments, and more. You can easily change the colour, image, style that includes the multimedia files.

You can find two options for adding the files to your message. First, you have to enclose your files that are found in your file system, you can make use of it that is found in the email client. In this case, your files should be saved in the same directory as the script. Also, your file could be inline. Secondly, add the string attachments and it is used for storing the data in the variable that is attached to your message. This can be extracted from the database.

To attach the file there is a need for you to specify its path correctly also along with that you have to add your file name but it is optional, the scripts make use f the actual name of the file for adding out another file, there is a need for you to repeat the commands. For adding you have to use the adding string commands and you should pass the contents and its filename.

Email marketing is the best way to promote your business through emails. There are many tools available to do email marketing in a better way. These tools help you in doing marketing with permission effectively and affordably. The most common tools found are newsletters and e-guides. There are other tools like Eudora and Spam check. There are many benefits in using email marketing tools. You can achieve high percentage of profit when you use email marketing tools in a right way. It is very important to use good and effective mailing software like PHP Inbox Mailer, for example. This is also done by providing free information via newsletters. Another type of marketing technique is by giving special offers and discounts. This will increase customer responses and brings more profit.

How to choose the perfect marketing tool?

Marketing tools are the tools used to create, test, optimize and send email based campaigns. These tools can be used to perform multiple functions to make the process of campaigning easier. There are heavy competitions in business and so it is necessary to implement the best marketing strategy to get profits. So you have to choose the best marketing tools available to promote your business. Here are some things you have to consider before choosing the tool for marketing.

  • Tool must be simple and intuitive

The tool must be simple to use and should have any complex features to operate. You need not require any technical skills to use these tools as it should be easy to understand and so it should not require more time.

  • Design of the templates

Templates are the designs which are used to predict the design of newsletters and campaigns. A proper tool must have many pre designed templates that are used to create invitations for any events. It must be easy to change and edit as how you want your design should be. A best tool should have image editor that makes editing and modification easy.

  • It should configure your personal domain

An authenticated company domain is always best for sending emails because it has security and integrity. The customers will feel to read this type of domain and gives them confidence and trust on your product.

Techniques in choosing the right tool

Using email marketing tool in internet marketing campaigns is necessary and if it is done in a proper way it will earn huge profits. Here are some techniques for choosing the right marketing tool for sending emails.

  • There are email software packages available that vary in price and features. In this type of email marketing tools there are bulk email tool and to keep track of lists. It also allows tracking of emails and easy to achieve good results.
  • There are auto responding programs as a way of marketing tool. These come along with any software or alone for which you can pay separately.
  • Another important marketing tool is that the list service. This is the quickest option and it reaches soon for everyone. The advantage is that it gives you potential customers to market quickly. It is much faster in sending emails.

Email marketing tools have many advantages and you can use them as the best way of marketing. These tools are very helpful in making the business gain more profit and develop more.